Even More Reviews

Even More Reviews and Testimonials of Clients with Tax Problems

(Tax Resolution Services Reviews)


Client Audio Review: Barbara, California


“My Tax Doctors was very helpful and knowledgeable. The best part of my settlement, besides the settlement itself, was that I didn’t have to deal with the IRS. I just couldn’t handle the stress.”
Rachel W., Manhattan New York


Client Audio Review: Lawrence, Long Beach, California


“My Tax Doctors is totally responsive, helpful, reassuring, realistic, professional and accessible. I was originally concerned about the West Coast- East Coast distance between us, but they made it seamless. It worked out just fine. When I started out with My Tax Doctors, the IRS had billed me over $156,000. And after many previous years of unemployment, going through all of my savings and running up debt and unpaid property taxes, there was no way I could pay the IRS. Their help bought me time and now a crushing burden has been lifted from my shoulders.”
William W., Missouri


Client Audio Review: Ramon, New York


“My Tax Doctors was able to get my penalties and interest refunded to me. My Tax Doctors was very helpful and easy to work with.”
Cyrus M., Stone Mountain, Georgia


Client Audio Review: Aaron, Colorado


“I am debt free with the IRS. I can finally have a real life now! No more stress and worries. I feel like a new person and I can’t thank My Tax Doctors enough.”
Felicia S., Inverness, Florida