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Client Audio Review: Tim in Berkeley, CA



 ”The service I was given at Your Tax Clinic is second to none. I was able to get straight answers anytime I called to ask a question. I was not “Sold” a dream but yet I was told that they could fix my problem, and they did. I am now DEBT FREE to IRS and only paid a fraction of what was owed due to my business failing. I have nothing but great things to say about the Your Tax Clinic team.”
Andre W., Haverford, Pennsylvania


“My Tax Doctors was extremely professional, open with me and honest. This year on the day before Thanksgiving, their tax attorney called me at work and told me that the IRS had accepted our offer. This news made my family and I very grateful on Thanksgiving. They kept us fully informed and answered any questions we had. They made it very easy on us. Thank you so much!”
Mike S., Missouri


Client Audio Review: Mike, Irvine, CA



 “Without My Tax Doctors, I would owe the IRS and State over $100,000. We completed over 7 years of back taxes and I am paying $80 a month. I still can’t believe it. I’m very pleased with the outcome.” Tim A., Irvine, CA “My Tax Doctors has helped me in more ways than you can imagine, and I can’t thank you and your staff enough. The entire process was exceptional and I commend your company. Words can’t really do this justice. Their team held my hand every step of the way through the process. They explained the scary parts twice. I called over 10 times per day at times and they were always there. They make you feel like family and not just another client. I would definitely recommend them!”
Beth G., Cincinnati, Ohio


Client Audio Review: Maria, Ohio


“My Tax Doctors is a wonderful organization that is prepared to help the average citizen win over the IRS. The results they got for me were no less than a small miracle. After having the IRS threaten me time and time again, and then to finally have someone on my side was just fantastic. Even after initial consultations with My Tax Doctors, I never expected to have such a great result. To find out after months of worrying that I would owe the IRS nothing was just wonderful. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job. This was definitely money well spent.”
Lennie K., Dallas, TX


“I did not have time or the knowledge to deal with the audit and My Tax Doctors helped us with all the details. They were very helpful and informative. The entire process was explained in detail and this made our experience a lot better than it could have been. They were able to negotiate my tax liability from over $20,000 to just $3,800. They are a great company…go with them.”
Cindy P., Tacoma, WA


 Client Audio Review: Ben, Dallas TX



  ”We write to you with great appreciation and satisfaction. My Tax Doctors have given us great peace of mind. Thank you and keep up the good work. We highly recommend you and would not hesitate recommending you to those who were in the same situation we were. You are truly tax relief experts.”
Chuck G., Hemet California


 Client Audio Review: Gina, Missouri



“My sincere thanks to the My Tax Doctors team that helped us through this very difficult period in our lives. We are now well on the way to recovery. We are much better off because of your help. Thank you.”
Darlene P., Palmdale, CA


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