Tax Return Preparation

Staying current on your tax return filings is one of the most vital steps in working with the IRS and State.  Regardless of any other issues with the IRS, you are required to file taxes each year as a citizen in the US.  Just because you cannot afford to pay the taxes does not mean you shouldn’t file them. Often the IRS will waive this obligation if your income is of a certain type or is below a threshold amount, but even then, filing a tax return can be a good way of obtaining a refund.

If you do have back tax debt, then filing new returns and staying current is part of the deal in working with a tax resolution.  Many offer in compromises, settlements, and other various deals with the IRS and State are denied because the taxpayer failed to remain current on their tax filings.  The deal with many of these individuals is that the IRS will agree to settle or reduce your tax liabilities, remove penalties, and take other “friendly” steps, as long as you remain current on filing your tax returns.

With Your Tax Clinic, we are expert at preparing accurate returns, as well as maximizing your legal tax deductions and minimizing any tax liabilities. When we are finished preparing your returns, you do the final review of your tax returns to ensure they’re accurate before they go to the IRS or the state. If you need older years filed, we can order all wages and income information going back ten years and help you prepare your older years of tax returns as well. 

We make sure that your issue never happens again by filing your taxes for you each and every year. We even provide you with audit protection and give you access to a local attorney your area (if needed), and much more.

Stop taking chances with your future. Call us now for a FREE Tax Preparation Consultation (855)220-0770.