Amending Tax Returns

Many people’s tax problems result from poorly done tax returns. Though there are many skilled tax preparers out there that do a decent job, they’re also human. They have the same faults and mistakes as everyone else. The only difference is when they make a mistake, YOU pay for it! So a review of your tax returns is key in determining whether you need an amended tax return.

Amending a tax return can make a MAJOR difference in your tax liability.  If there was a mistake in the tax credits, the withholding amounts, or not putting all of the income on the tax returns, there can be a strong chance of an audit or notice of underreporting.  If there is an audit or notice of underreporting, there is a strong chance of a larger debt incurring through penalties and interest.

Amending a return can be done by ordering your wage and income information from the IRS or State.  Once we have this information, we review your tax circumstances to recognize any potential tax benefits for those years, and assist you in preparing an amended return to better demonstrate your financial situation that tax year.

With Your Tax Clinic, our expert team works on finding and fixing mistakes on your previously prepared tax returns. We do everything we can to help you solve your tax situation.

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