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How To Get The Single Greatest Tax Deduction
For Your Business
(Benefits For Small Business Owners And 1099 Employees)
If you're a Small Business Owner or 1099 Employee wanting to greatly reduce their taxes and maximize their income, then this webinar is for you. Having a pension plan for your company empowers you with an enormous amount of benefits for both your business AND you personally.

So if you are

  • Getting killed with taxes
  • Need more tax deductions for your business
  • Looking to Save More Money
  • Concerned about having enough to retire
  • Concerned about protection from creditors, death and disability
Retirement / Pension Plans are loaded with amazing financial incentives and benefits for you. Find out what most major corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Walmart and more have known for years. Only 20% of businesses have a pension plan, the other 80% wished they had someone tell them about the information we will share with you.
In this highly informative small business webinar, you'll learn
Everything You NEED To Know About Setting Up, Maximizing Benefits
And 'Audit Proofing' Your Company Pension Plan.
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Pension Plan Insights from 2 Top Pension Plan Experts

  • Duane White, Pension Consultant SWS Pension Team
  • Keith Baumgarn, CLU, ChFCSignature Resources

Topics Covered In This 1hr Webinar

How to reduce your current taxes by up to 50% with a well structured pension plan.
The 6 Most Common Pension Red Flags
Learn the sure-fire signs that trigger a D.O.L. audit and how to fix them.
How to ensure you get the Maximum Benefit For Your existing plan.
New changes that impact existing pension plans.
Tax Credits and Incentives you get for starting a pension plan
Stop giving your money away unnecessarily. Keep more of your own money and earn some extra interest too!
How to use pension plans to Attract, Retain and Reward Key Employees (even yourself!)
Learn first-hand, time tested, business proven employee retention tactics that only work when you have a pension plan.
The costs and fees associated with establishing a plan
See a breakdown of the total investment for implementing your very own pension plan.
How to stop getting killed with taxes, get more tax deductions and have your money grow tax free
Discover how to save $10,000s of dollars every year and grow your money FREE from taxation.
Why your advisor or CPA hasn't told you about these plans.
How pension plans can protect you from creditors, judgments and sudden death or disability
Asset protection strategies commonly used by 'The Big Boys' that you can use to protect you and your business's assets
6 questions you need to ask your Pension Advisor, or
Third-Party Administrator, every year as Trustee of your plan
What People Are Saying About Previous Webinars
Excellent Information. I wish we had attended this webinar before setting up our pension plan.
Steven Bennet
COO, CEO Business Institute
Well done with useful info and opportunities to ask questions. Very impressed (and I don't impress easily).
Nancy Jacobs
CEO, KPG Consulting
Very informative with lots of good takeaways.
Ben Slocum
CEO, Pinnacle IT Solutions