• Are You in Tax Trouble with the IRS or State?

  • Are You receiving THREATENING collection letters?

  • Is the IRS or State threatening You by Putting A Lien On Your Home, Taking Money Out Of Your Bank Account or Garnishing Your Wages?

  • Do You have to file YEARS of late returns?

Don’t feel bad. Good, honest, hard-working people can at any time encounter unforeseen situations which may affect their ability to file and pay their taxes in a timely manner. Contributing factors such as temporary job loss, a bad year in business, overwhelming stress, medical illness or injury, marital difficulties, forces of nature, unforeseen repairs or even a death in the family can cause unfortunate financial hardship.

Having a job or owning a business is the very foundation of the American Dream. Unfortunately this Dream has turned into a nightmare for many people. When you find yourself in trouble with the IRS or State, you are in a very dangerous position. The IRS and State are NOT known for being patient, understanding and forgiving. They are KNOWN FOR BEING BRUTAL!

Without hesitation, they’ll freeze ALL of your assets, take your money out of your bank accounts (without your permission or knowledge) and even CONFISCATE your home, business and personal belongings. Take a look for yourself at the IRS’s website.

Trying to fight them alone often results in you being STRESSED OUT, losing your time and money and OVERPAYING them by thousands of dollars. Simply trying to live in denial and putting it off for later only makes matters worst.

Well that’s the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is there’s help available for you. Your Tax Clinic, home of My Tax Doctors, are expert at protecting and help you. One call literally solves it all.

Once you call us, we put you under our PROTECTION, contact the IRS and State and stop their collection efforts against you INSTANTLY. Then we discuss your solution options with you, pull your tax transcripts from the IRS or State, collect your personal and business financial information to determine your ability to repay your back taxes, and much more.

With more than 25+ years of experience and over 1,854 clients helped thus far, we can help solve your tax problem and save you from IRS and State collection efforts. Our clients have saved up to 75% of what they owed and saved far more money than they ever imagined.

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